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  •  Wed 5 Aug 2015  
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     At Absolutely NO subscription fee!
        Pay Via Maybank2U.com.my      
    For Maybank2U.com.my users, you may also opt to pay online to JF Apex Securities Berhad via Online Bill Payment (PayBills) facility. To do this, you will need to visit www.Maybank2U.com.my directly.

    The main difference for paying directly from Maybank2U.com.my and paying via eSettlement & eDeposit in apexetrade is as stated below:
    Pay via eSettlement
    eSettlement is a module that integrates your outstanding positions at JF Apex and the online funds transfer facility by Maybank2U. As such, you as the client, will no longer need to inform your dealer on the payment made, instead, all information are already available upon your selection of outstanding items to pay. 

    Pay via eDeposit
    By performing the eDeposit, you have already informed JF Apex to increase your trading limit. Therefore, upon receiving your deposit, your trading limit will be automatically increased without you having to request JF Apex to do such.

    Furthermore, eSettlement / eDeposit takes you to a 'shortcut' to Maybank2U.com.my, thus simplifying the payment process (refer to step 4 - 7 at eSettlement and eDeposit).

    To Pay via Maybank2U.com.my Online Bill Payment :

    1)    Logon to www.Maybank2U.com.my
    • Enter your Username
    • Enter your Password.
    • Click Login.

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    2)    Go to Online Bill Payment
    • Click Open Payment.
    • The Open Payment screen will be displayed.

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    3)    Payable to JF Apex Securities Berhad 
    • Select Corporation Name ‘JF Apex Securities Berhad’.
    • Click Next.
    • The payment details screen will be displayed.

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    4)    Complete the Payment Details
    • Enter Client Code e.g. 8JF0000
    • Enter Phone Number.
    • Enter the Amount that you wish to pay/ transfer to JF Apex Securities Berhad. There is no limit to the amount that you wish to transfer except by the balance in your account.
    • Click Next.

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    5)    Confirm the Payment
    • Click Confirm to effect the transaction.
    • The status and details of your payment transaction will appear.

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    6)    Transaction Successful!
    • Upon confirmation, you will be taken to the Payment Status screen. At this point, you would have completed the online funds transfer to JF Apex Securities Berhad!
    • Click Logout to logout from www.Maybank2U.com.my 

    Important Note :
    Upon receiving the notification of payment made by you, your dealer will have to contact you regarding the purpose of the payment received. Therefore, if the payment is urgent, please contact your dealer for immediate action.

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